Warning of potential volatility: 14-17 May

Meldung vom 13.05.2019

This is just a quick warning to notify you of potentially volatile economic events taking place this week. We recommend you take them into consideration when trading.

Tuesday, 14th May

  • 09:00: EUR — German CPI Final
  • 11:30: GBP — Avg Wk Earnings 3M YY
  • 11:30: GBP — Claimant Count Unem Chng
  • 11:30: GBP — ILO Unemployment Rate

Wednesday, 15th May

  • 09:00: EUR — German GDP Flash
  • 12:00: EUR — GDP Flash Estimate
  • 15:30: CAD — CPI

Thursday, 16th May

  • 04:30: AUD — Employment
  • 04:30: AUD — Unemployment Rate
  • 22:00: MXN — Interest Rate

Friday, 17th May

  • 12:00: EUR — Inflation Final

*All times are Server Time (GMT+3).

Clients should understand that we are not suggesting price movements will go in a particular direction, nor do we encourage you to trade the volatility. We are simply giving you an advanced warning of significant price movements so you can adjust your trades to mitigate the volatility.

IMPORTANT! We remind you that liquidity tends to get thinner, and spreads tend to widen during economic news. We strongly advise you to exercise caution when trading during these specific dates.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass manche älteren Ankündigungen mittlerweile nicht mehr aktuell sein können und daher derzeit nicht zutreffend sind.

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